Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace,  September 17, 2015

Congratulations on an excellent performance and for introducing us to such an enchanting opera. It is so easy to forget the background from which later 18th-century opera emerged. The programme was worth waiting for and was unusually informative.
— Martin Harty
Adriano’s plot? Really quite silly.
And the hero did not have a willy.
Despite the profusion
Of gender confusion,
The music was marvellous thrilly.
— James Harris
Both my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite not having a clue what was going on most of the time, but that really didn’t matter, did it? The singers were all wonderful and the music was sublime.
— Joy Pite
Yesterday was amazing!!!!! I cried all through the oboe aria. I love Erica and it was a beautiful opera!!!
— Isabel Villavecchia


St. George’s, Hanover Square, March 17, 2015

Last night at St George’s was a tour de force and a great triumph for you. We were quite spellbound by the magnificence of the orchestra of Opera Settecento and the brilliance of all the singers. The arias were particularly fine, not least the aria from Hasse’s Euristeo so dramatically sung by Christina Gansch as Emilia.
— Bernard Dewe Matthews

Griselda (Venice, 1735) by Antonio Vivaldi

Cadogan Hall, London, September 18, 2014

It was a fantastic opera in a perfect, intimate venue. The singers were amazing and the strings danced their way through the rapid, intricate Baroque as if one instrument. A great evening!
— Robert Posner
We were completely transported by the quality and originality of the production. The arias sung by Ottone, Constanza, Roberto and Corrado were outstanding both in terms of musicality and pure emotion. When the voices blended it was a very other-worldly experience. A sublime performance, beautifully put together and I hope there will be many more. Both my friend Elizabeth Richards and I greatly enjoyed the evening - please put us on your fan list.
— Wendy Allen
Griselda last night - absolutely fantastic
— Michael and Jenny Chism
Brilliant. The music was fabulous the singing in parts extraordinary – particularly Erica Eloff (Ottone), Kiandra Howarth (Constanza), and Andrew Watts (Roberto). This is a great project and company.
— David Joseph, QC
I thoroughly enjoyed my little trip to seventeenth century Venice by way of Sloane Square. Enchanting music, and much more welcoming to my ear than some of the turgid tripe I’ve endured at the ROH in recent times and which seem to excite the cognoscenti so much, Peter Grimes tending to spring to mind in spite of the fabulous sets. I wish you well with the new venture. If last night’s debut outing is anything to go by, I’m sure it’ll be a great success.
— Andrew Harris
Thank you for this wonderful events. I enjoyed it so much.
— Sylvia Hyde (All Things Baroque)
I thought the singers and band excellent; and Cadogan Hall was a huge star. Who could ask for more than a great acoustic and soft seats?
— Greg Snow
Thank you, Opera Settecento for last night’s performance of Vivaldi’s Griselda at the Cadogan Hall. I am not an opera aficionado, but like most, I have always loved the music of Vivaldi and was not aware of his operatic works, so this was both a revelation and an education. The combination of Vivaldi’s wonderful baroque music in conjunction with the most complicated and beautifully sung operatic arias was enlightening, and I can’t believe that this opera has not been performed more often. I also really liked the fact that this was a ‘scholarly edition’ as it meant that I could just concentrate on the performances without the encumbrance of costumes, sets, or frills. In many ways, I preferred this pared down style of opera to the usual, as I felt that the cast were singing directly to me in the audience.

The fact that the entire libretto was written in the programme both in Italian and English enabled me to understand the plot, but much of the time I just wanted to take in the incredible experience, and I was mesmerised by the sheer brilliance of the performers who used their vocal ranges so powerfully; made even better by the fantastic acoustics in the Cadogan Hall. Every member of the cast was excellent and while I know it included some internationally renowned opera singers, the outstanding star for me was Erica Eloff, whose emotive voice moved me to tears.
— Mrs Vanessa Watts